The more you know about Freezers, the more you will look to Advanced Equipment Inc. as your reliable supplier.

Advanced Equipment Inc.

Tunnel and Spiral Freezers

Over 40 Years a Leading Freezer Engineering Company Manufacturing Custom, Packaged, Modular &  Site Built Spiral Freezers, Tunnel Freezers, Cookers & Chillers




    North America, South America Asia, Europe have Advanced freezers on site.


    20 + countries worldwide have Advanced IQF Tunnel and Spiral Freezers in their food plants.

  • 250+ YEARS

    Years of combined refrigeration engineering experience.


    400 and Growing Installed Tunnel and Spiral Freezers 

  • 20,000+ lbs /hr

    Soup spiral

  • 50,000+ lbs/hr

    Chicken drag tunnel

  • 75,000+ lbs/hr

    One of the biggest tunnel freezers

  • Freezer Engineering

    Advanced Equipment Inc. designs and manufactures Low Temperature Mechanical Refrigeration IQF (Individual Quick Frozen) freezing systems for fast freezing various food products such as vegetables, fruits, poultry, red meat, bakery, and special prepared foods in food processing plants.

  • Experience and Longevity

    In the past 40 years, our freezer has been established globally as one of the recognized leader in the IQF frozen food industry among Major Frozen Food Producers with our reliable IQF Freezing Systems.

  • Meets Standards

    Advanced Equipment Inc. freezers are designed and built to meet North American USDA, UL, CFIA CSA and OSHA Standards for Safety, Sanitation, Maintenance and Accessibility.

  • In House Components

    We manufacture most of the components in house so that we can maintain and control product quality to produce the most economical and dependable freezers based on customer requirements.

    Most Competitors buy parts and when something breaks they have to hope the supply chain is able to find and replace. That can cause massive time shutdowns. We make companents and can replace in house with minor time loss.