IQF Spiral freezers

Advanced Spiral freezers feature a conveyor system that consists of a continuous stainless steel belt wrapped around a rotating drum, moving in a refrigerated environment. IQF Spiral freezers are able to utilize the most vertical space. This makes IQF Spiral freezers an ideal candidate for applications to freeze a large amounts of content with limited floor space.

Our spiral freezers and coolers are customized tailored to our clients needs. For over 40 years we have forged long term partnerships with our customers..


  • We listen to each of your unique needs and concerns incorporating food plant requirements into your freezer and cooler design.
  • 360 Degree freezing securing the content’s entire surface to freeze in a fast and highly efficient way.
  • Frozen content’s will maintain original freshness, texture, and flavor of products frozen.
  • No ice build and a easy clean up process when using our CIP system.
  • Advanced Spiral freezers are both size and feature customizable!


We offer in customizing your current production with spiral design that will grow with future products and demands.


Designed for Large Capacity or Difficulty to Move in Place. Completely factory assembled minimizes site installation time. 


We have created unique hygienic standards, to lower cleaning costs and provide  lower total cost of ownership.We have found in designing freezers that the main criteria is:


  • Belt width
  • We recommend that clients should have  more width than needed today - in order to load faster or to merge two production lines into one spiral in the future.
  • Belt type
  • Plastic is the choice for wide belts over 44” because of radius weights.
  • Stainless is not an insulator and conducts cold to the bottom of the product, an obvious best choice for packaged goods
  • Product clearance
  • You may have a 1.5" thick product on line today but a 4" tomorrow resulting in not being able to handle in your freezer

Refrigeration Engineering

Many spiral companies are marketers sales experts with few or non with no refrigeration engineers employed. A great brochure or website does not indicate a great product.

Advanced is primarily a refrigeration engineering manufacturer. We have for over 40 years been a leader in engineering. Often copied our very unique products are installed and still functioning across the world. We can supply extensive references that as a buyer you can check to prove our reliability.

Advanced Freezers are Not Made Cheaper!
Advanced Freezers are Made Better!

It is easy to be a bean counter and make products cheaper that look the same being installed. Advanced does not look for least cost components. We reject shoddy components and in fact manufacturer most everything in house. We do this at a cost but we know all the parts are made to withstand years of use.