Cost Analysis

The components of the freezing cost equation
The physical freezer plant is only part of your freezing cost. Freezing cost is the total cost to freeze a product.

  • Cost of Refrigeration:
    The cost of refrigeration or BTU's required to freeze the product expressed in cost per pound of product. If enough information is known about the product and proposed production parameters . An existing system can be best calculated by looking at monthly refrigeration cost divided by pounds of production. For mechanical systems, this value is based on the cost of electrical power. For cryogenic systems, this is the cost of liquid nitrogen (expressed in either cubic feet or pounds) or liquid carbon dioxide (expressed in pounds) used in the freezing system.
  • Monthly Lease costs
    The cost of a freezer system lease (either mechanical or cryogenic) and cryogen storage tanks should be taken into consideration
  • Operating and Maintenance Cost
    The total cost of operating the freezing system in freezer parts, downtime (such as defrost cycles for mechanical freezers), and maintenance man hours.
  • Production Costs
    Some systems require an employee to either operate or monitor a freezer.
  • Factors to Consider
    Processors freeze their food products for multi reasons:.
  • Increasing shelf life
  • stabilizing the product
  • lengthening lines of distribution
  • satisfying customer convenience, etc

The producer must consider the economics of freezing, the impact on his processing operations, and the expectations and concerns of his customers. We will help you evaluate the facts so that you can find the right solution.
Plant Flexibility
Regardless what kind of freezer is acquired, the larger the range of products it can produce, the more flexibility and capability the processor will acquire.
Turn-Up Capacity
Since processor needs can change so rapidly, a major consideration should be the ability of a freezing system to grow with a business
We have the resources to help you get the facts.
-help you calculate your heat load (the amount of energy or cryogen required), establish dwell time (the amount of time it takes to freeze the product), and size a freezing system accordingly.

  • tell you how much it will cost to acquire equipment, install it, and your freezing cost.
  • how to maximize yield and production performance.
    Freezer Cost Analysis
    When you want to evaluate different methods of freezing a product, our Freezer Cost Analysis will be of great benefit to you. It compares the various cost of producing products using "Mechanical Freezing" versus "Cryogenics". What It tells You:
  • Cost of Product Per Pound
  • Monthly Production and Operational Cost
  • Comparative Cost using Both Forms of Freezing
  • Labor Cost
  • Gas Cost
  • Dehydration Cost
  • Electricity CostCapital
  • Investment Cost
  • Monthly Finance Payments
  • Payback on Investment Cumulative Savings
    We offer the most advanced and informative freezing analysis you can find, simple to use but very effective in helping you decide which methods of freezing are the best for your product.

If you are currently writing big checks for gas on a monthly basis, this site will help you decide at what point in time you should consider switching to mechanical.

If you are looking to freeze a new product, and do so for the least amount of upfront capital investment, this tool will help you in reviewing which is the best way to start.
Any spiral system requiring an enclosure with air handling will benefit from the high side experience we offer. Whether you are freezing, cooling or heating a product, we supply the complete package for you.

If you have a local refrigeration contractor we work closely with them to ensure you get a complete system piped and wired to your expectations.

If you need a new central refrigeration system and do not have local refrigeration contractor experience, we find them for you and work closely with them to ensure you get a complete system.

We also have stand alone packages, usually Freon based, that can be installed together with the spiral on a packaged basis.

  • Freezer Analysis: Helps you decide which type freezer method is best suited for your
    company, what your cost will be and how they compare to other methods.
  • Heating/Proofing: Our systems come complete with all air handling and conditioning components which are required for the application.
  • Specific Heats: When cooling or freezing a product, we must calculate the heat loads involved and need to know general information on the products we are processing...

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