Style guide

The style guide provides you with a blueprint of the theme’s default post and page HTML styles. This post also displays automatically generated table of contents and show you how Formats button styles the text.

Aside post format

This is basically a standard post with some fancy styles applied in posts listing on blog and archive pages. It also displays whole post content in posts listings. Contains some comments for preview. Diary recommendations foreign relaxation bus lonely planet hiking Hong Kong adventure on a shoestring passport. Dollar people currency Amsterdam boat couchsurfing nature …

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Audio post format

Displays audio player to play your audio files. Could be used for podcasting. Just insert a SoundCloud link or uploaded audio file anywhere into post content.

Gallery post format

Just insert a WordPress image gallery anywhere into the post content. The first 3 images are going to be displayed as a preview in posts listings.

Video post format

Displays a video player to play your video files. Could be used for video blogging. Just insert your video link or uploaded video anywhere into post content.

Image post format

On single post page it acts like standard post, in posts listing it displays an image, post title and emphasized excerpt, that can be used as a brief image info.

Quote post format

Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid. Albert Einstein

Link post format

Simply enhances any links in the post content. No post title is displayed. Yacht hotel place to stay deal creditcard train foreign camper animals chartering. Earth boat luxury Budapest yacht. Caravan freedom bus. Discover train international animals.

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