Our mission is to design, engineer and manufacture the most dependable, efficient and highest quality freezers in the industry. Where experience meets innovation, our commitment is to push the industry to a safer and better future for our clients and their customers.

Advanced Equipment, Incorporated (AEI) is known worldwide as one of the premiere freezing system manufacturers on the market today. AEI’s global headquarters, manufacturing and distribution plant is located in the beautiful city of Richmond, British Columbia, Canada, and we also maintain a robust sales and customer support office in the United States of America.
Here at AEI, we manufacture industrial freezers which exhibit exceptional quality, which has led to our reputation across the industry for manufacturing economical, durable and reliable freezers. We achieve this level of quality by being one of the few manufacturers that allows very little outsourcing of our components. We realize that to control quality, we have to manufacture as much as possible in-house, and that is exactly what we do for most of the components in our freezers. Our staff of professional licensed engineers have a total of over 250 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of freezers combined, and this experience shines through in every freezer we build.
As a result of our restless commitment to quality, consistency and the health and well-being of our customers, AEI Freezer Systems can be found worldwide in a wide range of industries. Our service and support team is global as well, and we are within reach wherever you are. AEI leaves nothing to chance as each freezer is tested in our shop and must be customer-approved before shipping. This is all part of our commitment to quality products and how we can minimize a customer's installation down time. Let us serve your freezing needs with higher efficiency, less floor space, lower operating and equipment costs.